Galvanized iron is a material with many preeminent features, galvanized iron has been used in many different fields and sectors. According to estimates of Vietnam’s steel industry, up to 95% of civil works are now using galvanized iron.

Why is galvanized iron popular?

Galvanized iron is popular and widely used in all areas of life owing to its superior features such as very high durability, good bearing capacity and flexibility, resistance to harsh and acidic environments such as in the sea regions. Especially, the outer galvanized coating helps prevent the formation of rust, thereby preventing corrosion, oxidation, extending the life of equipment and works.

Application of galvanized iron in life

To meet the needs of many different devices, products and constructions, galvanized iron is designed and manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Galvanized iron has been used in many areas of life. In construction, galvanized iron has been used to make water supply systems in buildings, to install ventilation systems, to make highway light poles, pallets, to build bridges, or works of public telecommunications, billboards, traffic lights, signs. In civil constructions, galvanized iron has been used as to make fences, gates, railings, stairs, furniture. In industrial sector, galvanized iron has been used to make car, motorcycle bodies and spare parts, equipment…

Galvanized surface has superior features compared to conventional metal surfaces. However, the surface of galvanized surface, after a period of use, often has dull condition, oxidized welds that cause the projects to deteriorate, reducing life expectancy. And yet, the color of galvanized iron is monotonous and poor, making many works look lifeless, not beautiful.

With galvanized surface, conventional coating paints, oil paints cannot stick on galvanized iron material. Many consumers, due to the innocent habit, still use oil paint on galvanized iron works, resulting flaking, waste, and aesthetics impact. Facing such requirements and challenges, it is necessary to have a specific paint line for galvanized iron.

After years of research and development, the iNDU Paint brand has launched the iNDU galvanized iron paint line that provides a solution to protect galvanized iron from oxidizing at welds, preventing dull galvanized surfaces over time, creating color overlays to consumers’ liking.

iNDU galvanized iron paint is the No.1 paint in the market in terms of market share dedicated to galvanized iron. iNDU galvanized iron paint with outstanding features such as no need for anti-rust primer that helps save costs, no need for spray emulsifiers, the substance which that damage the galvanized surface, super adhesion feature that bring about glossy, beautiful and fast drying paint film, saving construction time, with a wide range of colors.

Galvanized iron paint helps decorate and beautify buildings, creating luxurious beauty for fences, windows, interior and exterior furniture, increasing protection for water systems, gas pipelines, highlighting traffic signs, fire hydrants, express way barriers, etc. iNDU galvanized iron paint provides a solution to decorate and maximize protection for products, construction works and galvanized iron structure equipment.

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