Industrial paint is a material not only used for construction but also applied in many other fields of life. So do you know about industrial paint and its uses?


Industrial paint is composed of product lines to decorate and protect the surface in the engraving environment, commonly used surfaces such as steel, concrete, cement walls, corrugated iron roofs, etc. Depending on the surface, different paints are used.
Industrial paint owns two main product lines: Epoxy floor paint and 2-component Epoxy floor paints which are widely applied in industrial and civil fields. Some industrial paints can be listed based on theirs uses such as ship paints, car paints, , fire-proof paints, heat-resistant paints, tenis yard paints, acid-proof paints, etc.
Each paint pattern has different effectiveness but theirs basic common ingredients include adhesives, pigments, additives, fillers and solvents.
In particular, the adhesives, or film-making agent, helps the paint color stick more tightly and is harder to peel off from the surface. The filler helps to increase the hardness, gloss of the film when coloring, and control the settling, drying time and construction process, etc.
Industrial paint with flexible film, hardness, anh extremely high adhesion helps to resist the impact and abrasion of natural and human on the painted surface. And it can be used on many surfaces of different materials such as concrete, cement, wood, metal and mortar samples, etc.
iNDU industrial paint
iNDU Industrial Paint  of Vietnam Star Joint Stock Company is manufactured using Thai technology. An excellent fast-drying industrial paint line used to decorate wood and metal samples such as factories, machines, bridges, towers, houses, vehicles, etc. Paint can also be richly applied in the interior and exterior. Paint with rich colors, when painting the finishing coat gives exquisite and luxurious colors.

Tin Liên Quan