Epoxy iNDU paint product is a two-component paint manufactured under European technology with high durability in harsh weather, impact and abrasion. Especially, the composition of Epoxy iNDU paint is guaranteed to be safe for users and friendly to the environment. In different environments and purposes, each product or work requires different features.
We can see that the products or works in areas with hot and humid climate along with salt vapor is very corrosive and its surface can be easily oxidized, rusty and degraded quickly. In factories, there is no doubt that the movements of people and machines can easily make the floor surface worn out and flaked, which is short of aesthetics and even dangerous to use. The works which are subject to pressure and impact of great amount of water such as hydroelectric projects require high adhesion and good penetration. Besides, the products which expose to chemicals, or which are utensils and food containers must comply with the standard of being safe to the health of users and eco-friendly, etc.
Epoxy iNDU paint consistently protects all surfaces.
Epoxy iNDU paint product is a two-component paint manufactured under European technology which includes paint and curing agent/hardener. High content of curing agent makes the firm and hard surface which is superior to all other paint lines. It also creates a tough and inert surface look as a solid armor that protects the material from any influence, irrespective of physical effects such as strong impacts or corrosion effects.
Duo Epoxy paint and Epoxy curing agent
With outstanding rigidity and good impact resistance, Epoxy paint is suitable for application in heavy-duty steel structures, machinery and factories. Epoxy paint with super adhesion, fast drying and long-lasting color not only offers good protection for equipment works, but it is also simple to use, besides saving construction time.
Epoxy paint’s application in machinery and steel structure equipment
Especially with the current trend, products are not only guaranteed in appearance and function, but also safe for user health and environmentally friendly. Epoxy paint with very low volatile content (VOCs) should be very safe for construction workers as well as manufacturers. The use of sufficient solvent in the production and use of paint also reduces the burden of environmental pollution.
Protect all works
With outstanding advantages in durability and features, Epoxy paint of Vietnam Star challenges to all limits, brings about perfection to the product even in the harshest conditions.
Epoxy iNDU paint is produced under the European technological line and this is a product of no.1 brand in the North distributed by Vietnam Star Joint Stock Company with 10 experiences.
Vietnam Star Joint Stock Company is committed to providing customers with the best quality products with the best price and the most dedicated service.
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