iNDU oil paint  is the trend in construction and design. With outstanding advantages in adhesion, color fastness and mildew resistance; iNDU oil paint is the best solution to preserve and decorate wooden and metal furniture such as workshops, machines, towers, houses, vehicles …
Wetness in the North, saltiness in the Central and erratic weather in the South put an enormous challenge. With such severe weather, the products and works are quickly degraded and damaged. Peeling, rust and mold not only cause the absence of aesthetics, but also reduce the usability, and even many types of mold adversely affect human health.
The negative effects of environment on the products or the works can be easily seen with the naked eye. On the surface of the products, works’ color becomes patchy, and the paint is flacing off in large patches. In the air, the smell of mold is very uncomfortable, which causes many dangerous respiratory and skin diseases.
Hence, we offer iNDU high quality oil paint to fulfill the mission of protecting the works and the users’ health. iNDU high quality oil paint has 2 types:  The anti-rust paint system  and  the paint coating system which have high applicability in our lives. iNDU high quality oil paint is the optimal solution to preserve and decorate wooden and metal furniture such as workshops, machines, towers, houses, vehicles…
iNDU high quality oil paint  uses pure solvent which is friendly to the environment. With outstanding features of adhesion for high durability, being non-patchy and no washout due to harsh weather, iNDU oil paint has the active elements that flexibly operate and firmly stick to the surface. This helps prevent the growth of mold, keep the surface glossy and protect the products/works from all environmental impacts.
iNDU premium oil paint dries faster than other kinds of oil paint on the market. It takes only 2 hours for the surface to dry out. It needs only 6 hours between 2 times of painting at a temperature of 30 degrees, while other common kinds of paint need at least 8 hours. Moreover, the drying time of iNDU high quality oil paint is only 16 – 18 hours, while normal oil paint takes up to 24 hours under the same conditions. The time to complete a product or a project reduces will lead to increased labor productivity and accompanied cost savings such as labor and factory resources.
With various colors and optimal features, iNDU high quality oil paint provides exquisite and luxurious colors that brings new value and new class to your life.
iNDU high quality oil paint is manufactured under European technology and this is a product of no.1 brand distributed by Vietnam Star Joint Stock Company with 10 experiences.
Vietnam Star Joint Stock Company is committed to providing customers with the best quality products with the best price and the most dedicated service.
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