The iNDU versatile paint is a two components paint, with very high applicability in life. The iNDU versatile paint can be painted on all materials such as plastic, aluminum, glass, wood, iron, including smooth materials such as stainless steel, galvanized iron. With outstanding advantages such as super adhesion, fast drying, no primer, iNDU versatile paint becomes the optimal solution in construction and design.
The versatile paint – Solution for all projects
Viet nam was in the tropical climate is very hot, humid, rainy that makes the very quickly downgrade of many constructions. In life, we can easily encounter timing rusted iron gates were peeling off pieces of paint, or wooden fences were faded, shaken over the years. So many people change to use stainless steel materials for longer usage time but cold bright stainless steel color makes the buildings lack of vitality. If it is beautiful, the usage time is not high and vice versa, if you choose good material for high usage time, you must accept the monotony of color.
Constructions and factories
The reason for that happened is the long-life materials such as galvanized iron, stainless steel with surface is very smooth and plain. But most paint products on the market require a certain rough surface so that common paints cannot adhere to stainless steel or galvanized iron.
In order to paint on the materials with such smooth surfaces, before, people had to use the method of electrostatic painting. This is a fairly complex method that not everyone can implement. Materials to be painted will be separated and taken to an electrostatic painting workshop. This method takes a lot of time to implement, polluting the environment due to the amount of residual solvent and very high cost.
And now, by iNDU versatile paint – the paint for all materials and all problems have been solved. iNDU versatile paint is a two component paint was manufactured by European technology including paint and curing agent. Differently from 1-component conventional paint, iNDU versatile paint has a curing agent component that helps increase hardeness, surface adhesion, especially for smooth surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized iron, etc. That the common paint cannot do.
Not complicated or need modern machinery such as electrostatic painting method, the versatile paint is easy to use with anyone in anywhere. By familiar tools such as brushe, roller, spray gun, the simple procedure requires no primer, very fast drying time, it only takes 2 hours of surface drying and 18 hours to completely harden that we have changed new clothes for familiar products and constructions.
The iNDU versatile paint – Suitable for any material
With a wide range of colors, iNDU versatile paint can make the every material with very soul whether it is plastic, wood, stainless steel, galvanized iron, or drainage pipes which require high levels of waterproofing, no peeling, iNDU versatile paint also meets all requirements and delivers the best quality. With a high solid component, good adhesion, the surface of the product was used iNDU paint has been absolute aesthetics both visually and tactile. Smooth feeling when touched, with colors so look authentic that customers hardly find in other products.
Versatile paint for the most perfect surface of construction
With the commodious applicability, the iNDU versatile paint is the optimal solution for construction items with different materials while still bringing the highest quality to the product. The choice of iNDU versatile paint is a quality guarantee for all materials, challenge to every surface.
The ability of waterproof, no residue, no peeling of the iNDU versatile paint is applied in the clean water supply system.
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