Thông tin sản phẩm

  • Quy cách đóng gói: Cặp 1kg (800g sơn + 200g chất đóng rắn), Cặp 20kg (16kg sơn + 4kg chất đóng rắn), Cặp 4kg (3,2kg sơn + 0,8kg chất đóng rắn)

Giá : Liên Hệ

Liên hệ



Ingredients: Synthesized from premium acrylic and durable colorants

Storage: Keep tightly closed, in a cool and dry place. Avoid contact with fire, keep out of reach of children

Applications: Indoor and outdoor application on galvanized iron, corrugated iron, stainless steel, copper, glass, wood, iron, stone, plastic …

Preparation formula: 4kg paint, 1kg hardener, 0.2 – 04kg solvent

Gọi ngay để có giá tốt: 1900 59 99 88

INDU all-purpose paint is a two-ingredient paint consisting of paint itself and hardener produced on European technology lines for high quality products, with outstanding features that allow painting on all materials such as plastic, aluminum, glass, wood, iron, including smooth materials such as stainless steel, galvanized iron. With two ingredients, paint and hardener, it helps harden the surface to withstand impact, physical and chemical effects from the environment, to protect and beautify the works and products effectively. iNDU all-purpose paint, with no need of primer, easy-to-use, simple process and also very friendly to the environment, is a great solution to replace complicated, expensive electro-static power coating.

Product characteristics: 

  • – No need for primer
  • – Super adhesion
  • – Hard like electro-static power coating
  • – Fast drying
  • – Highly glossy, color fasting


The product is applied indoors and outdoors on galvanized iron, corrugated iron, stainless steel, copper, glass, wood, iron, stone, plastic…




Step 1: Prepare the surface, make sure the painted surface is clean, free of grease, dirt, impurities.

Step 2: Apply the protective coating

Wood surface: Apply 1 coating layer of all-purpose paint

Metal surface: Apply 2 coating layers of all-purpose paint