iNDU Robot 911 premium fireproof paint

Product information

  • Box 18kg, Lon 3 Lít

Giá : Liên Hệ

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Color: White


sơn chống cháy iNDU 911 màu trắng

Ingredient: Synthesized from special acrylic resin and colorants.

Storage: Close the lid tightly, store in a cool, dry place. Avoid contact with fire, keep out of reach of children.

Application: Fireproof paint iNDU Robot 911 is widely applied in the protection of buildings such as factories, steel structures, railway stations, airports, stadiums, high-rise buildings or architectural works requiring fireproof.

Formula: Paint 1 kg, solvent iNDU 0.1 kg (Stir well before mixing paint).

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iNDU Robot 911 premium fireproof paint is a single-component acrylic fireproof paint, manufactured on modern lines imported from Europe, and Thai technology, has excellent fire resistance, quick drying, easy to apply with beautiful paint film.

Product features

  • High fire resistance time limit
  • Super adhesion
  • Quick drying
  • High coverage and ease of application
  • Reduce time and application costs





Process of use

Step 1: Prepare the surface

Make sure the surface is clean, free of grease, dirt or impurities. Scrape off old peeling paint, rust with iNDU paint remover. Make sure the surface is completely stable before painting.

Step 2: Paint the primer

Apply 1 coat of Alkyd anti-rust primer or 1 coat of iNDU 2-component Epoxy anti-rust primer.

Step 3: Use iNDU Robot 911 fireproof coating

Paint layers of fireproof paint according to prescribed standards.