Nowadays, the need to personalize about the color is the element that shows the personality of the owner in each item or each interior space, but not everyone can paint their own objects. In understanding, Vietnam Star Joint Stock Company after nearly a year to research, currently has launched a new paint product – makes anyone can be a “skilled painter” in his family.


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Easily express yourself with the 35 different colors option of iNDU Spray Paint.

If in the past , Vietnamese people needed to “eat enough and warm up”, and in the present we need to “eat well and dress up”. The house is the same, if in the past we needed a solid house to live in, then we now need an impressive space to enjoy and show our own personality. Therefore, the decoration, repairing of interior furniture, beautifying items is an indispensable trend, leading to a higher demand for paint. And so great if anyone can paint their own furniture!


Let’s forget the roller, brush, paint mixing ratio or the complicated using process!


With many other paint lines available on the market, we need to dispense with the solvent at an existing ratio, then prepare a roller, brush, everything to do to repaint an object, it is very complicated. And of course, no one can do it.


Spray paint has been on the market for many years with the mission to solve this problem because of its convenience, easily use, but there are rare paints that meet the standards of adhesion, limited functionality so only can be applied to some common and highly rough materials. While the need of colors changing appears on many materials in your house.


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The house express the owner’s personality through design and color.

The existing objects in our daily living environment are made up from many different materials, each of which has their own unique properties. For example, tempered glass, stainless steel, galvanized iron, wood or greenly materials are environment friendly, etc. The diversity of materials inevitably leads to the need a high-class paint line to paint and good adhesion on any material.


iNDU spray paint – the perfect color solution for all materials


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iNDU spray paint can be sprayed on glass and other smooth materials

Catching and anticipating this trend, Vietnam Star Joint Stock Company has had a year of research and officially launched the product line of iNDU Spray Paint – Painting on all materials, give to customers the best choice for the buildings in using a variety of materials.


In terms of use, iNDU spray paint is designed with a compact spray bottle, all things you need to do is shaking, open the spray bottle cap and spray evenly at a distance of 30 cm. Because it is so easy to use, anyone can easily use spray paint to decorate theirs home, refresh furniture and household items, paint car, motorbike or create art paintings …


son phun indu phun dep.jpg
iNDU spray paint was applied European technology meets strict standards of quality.

Being the first company in Vietnam to apply European technology, 100% imported raw materials, iNDU spray paint products of Vietnam Star is the most advanced spray paint line that meets the stringent quality standards with superior features.


iNDU spray paint allows painting on all materials, all surfaces including glass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized iron, etc. only one can of paint can be used for all different objects.


iNDU spray paint has very good coverage, the paint particles are closely linked together to create a beautiful durable membrane, not peeling by the effects of the environment, ensuring the surface of the product is always beautiful and durable. Not only that, iNDU spray paint also has a diverse color system, meeting all styles, every decoration and creativity needs of everyone.


son phun indu phun tren moi chat lieu.png
iNDU spray paint can be applied on all objects, products and constructions

Spray paint with fast evaporation characteristics so construction performance time is significantly reduced compared to other paint lines. iNDU spray paint simple handheld sprayer easy to use without mixed painting, no tools such as rollers or paint brushes, convenient, suitable for all customers.


King of Spray Paint – Spraying is beautiful. Choose iNDU spray paint is the perfect guarantee for all materials!

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