The reason makes paint film to peel off and how to resove?

There are many reasons for peeling of paint film, the main reason is that the surface of the product is not well treated, the wrong rate of mixing, the use of improper solvent, the use of paint is not consistent with the surface of material, etc.

The reason and way to resove:

  • – The surface of the product is not clean, and still oily, old paint layer has not been completely processed: Prepare the surface thoroughly, wipe away dirt, oil or old peeling of paint.

  • – Mixing too many curing substances: Adjust the mixing ratio to the ratio of suppliers

  • – Incorrect use of solvents: The solvents of a supplier should be used in uniform
  • – Use the paints from many suppliers: It is recommended to use the paints of one supplier.

  • – The use of paint is not consistent with the material of surface to be painted – This is the main cause of the paint film be peeling off in recent years. Most currently civil constructions are using galvanized iron instead of black iron as before. But many painters, consumers do not know, still use the habit of using oil paint with a rust-proof lining and a coating on galvanized iron constructions, leading to the paint film be peeling off cause the inconsistent oil paint was not suitable for galvanized iron surface. Need to use the right type of paint for the right material of surface, galvanized iron surface must be use galvanized iron paint. iNDU galvanized iron paint – the No. 1 specialized paint on the market dedicated to galvanized iron structure constructions and equipments to ensure no peeling off, protection and effective decoration.

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