How to handle paint was spread when spraying?

How to handle paint was spread when spraying?

!!! Paint was spread may be due to many different reasons. The main reason is the humidity at the construction site is too high, causing metal surfaces to be moist or the airway of the spray gun is not guaranteed, does not filter air, resulting in water vapor when spraying paint.

To overcome this situation, workers should check the machines carefully and the appropriate environment. The ideal moisture to spray does not exceed 85%.

How to handle paint was spread:

  • – In case the paint is not dry, quickly use a solvent to wipe off the spreading layer and then paint again 1-2 layers.
  • – In case of dry paint, it is necessary to roughen the stained surface and then apply 1-2 layers.

Note: It is necessary to observe the drying time between paint layers to ensure quality.


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